Check out the free Point.IoT training programme that has been created to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas at their own pace. 

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The self-directed training programme developed during the Point.IoT project has two core components. Designed to complement one another, the Point.Entrepreneur playbook and Point.MOOC online training sessions will guide you through the business and technical development of your products and services:

Point.Entrepreneur Playbook

The Point.Entrepreneur playbook will help you to go through your business journey with a series of self-directed exercises addressing key questions to understand customer challenges, define products & services, design business model & case as well as get practical instructions in preparing to pitch like a pro. Follow the Playbook to discover, build, and take full advantage of the business and development opportunities that arise when you combine IoT and GNSS technologies.


Attend on-demand video training sessions that will steer the technical and business development of your Galileo-enabled IoT product. You’ll learn all about the basics of creating an IoT business by journeying through the customer problem, product concept design, business model creation and launching your product. Not sure where to start with Galileo integration? The second part of Point.MOOC examines positioning in our connected world, and dives deep into Global Navigation Satellite Systems and the European system, Galileo.

Both tools can be accessed on the Point.IoT website for free. All you need to do is register and get started!

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