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Kevin Mac Gowan und Simon Drake. Bildquelle: Lunar Resources Registry UG
Lunar Resources Registry has landed

Lunar Resources Registry has landed

Meet one of our newest startups: Lunar Resources Registry UG has landed.

Lunar Resources Registry UG (LRR) is the first commercial registry for sustainable Moon Exploration and Resources mining and utilisation.

March 18th, 2021:  Lunar Resources Registry UG, based in Frankfurt, has commenced trading in the vicinity of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. The LRR enables commercial and non-commercial organisations to register their intent to explore and extract resources (e.g. for in-situ resource utilization) within current and future legal frameworks.  LRR has developed a Registry Platform, Resources Maps, as well as the necessary Legal and Policy Frameworks, to give Space Resources ventures a base from which to attract investment and grow.

Since 9th February 2021 LRR is participating in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Hessen & Baden-Württemberg. This opportunity enables LRR to enhance its lunar resources maps and registry database, further develop space resources frameworks that integrate with existing space treaties and sovereign space mining laws, and develop machine learning processes to locate high value resources. A beta version of the platform is expected in April 2021.

A Moon Rush is underway and the LRR is the independent and transparent platform that registers and documents lunar resources and activities. There are an increasing number of lunar missions to explore for resources and set-up operations (from infrastructure to in situ resources utilisation). LRR's service is ideal for space agencies and commercial entities who are making strategic investments in order to explore and extract resources on the Moon, including for purposes such as conducting manufacturing operations in situ, like 3-D printing of structures from regolith.  As the Moon is becoming a geopolitical and commercial opportunity, the LRR has a clear objective to ensure that stakeholders have a reliable platform providing access to relevant existing and future locations, in an independent and neutral manner, in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest and disputes.

An LRR registration can be the location of an existing object (lander, rover, impact site), a resource, a related infrastructure site, or even a heritage zone, such as an area of cultural value.  The LRR registration process ranges from 'speculative identification' to 'verified registered resource' when a spacecraft actually lands at a particular location. All registrations on the LRR registry-platform will conform with existing legal frameworks and international agreements such as United Nation’s Outer Space Treaty, the Moon Agreement, and NASA’s Artemis Accords. LRR is looking forward to becoming the premier global resource for the registration, documentation and presentation of all non-commercial and commercial stakeholder-interests that are developing in the lunar economy. To this end LRR will be providing a substantial contribution by cooperating with the various space agencies and companies operating in the New Space economy.