Last month, FabSpace 2.0 published the 1st edition of the FabSpace Use Cases Series as part of the project´s initiative. Specifically, this Use Cases series is part of the activities foreseen within work package (WP) 3 - Animation and Networking for innovation and entrepreneurial discovery, which are implemented throughout the entire lifetime of the project.

WP3 is the central WP for the Daily FabSpaces animation and aim to generate awareness in the academia, research centres, companies and civil society organisations about the application uses of earth observation data and the FabSpace platform and pilot actions. It will also attenuate the boarder effect between projects ideas and start up creation by encouraging FabSpace users in making the first step toward entrepreneurship.

The first edition included seven uses cases collected from various FabSpaces partners and location such as “Epidemic Disease Mapping in Africa” developed by FabSpace Darmstadt, Germany in collaboration with Merck and ESOC at Darmstadt; “Implementation of Earth Observation image processing via Neural Networks on Embedded Architectures”, “Regional Population Estimation Using Satellite Imagery”, “Hyperspectral Earth Observation Image Processing On FPGAs” developed by FabSpace Greece; “Calculation of damage in forests using Sentinel-2” developed by FabSpace Warsaw, Poland; “Mapping deforestation in a location of interest” developed by FabSpace Toulouse, France; and “Global Warming Impact Assessment on the Bracciano Lake Surface Temperature” developed by FabSpace Rome, Italy.

FabSpace aims for the use cases to showcase various ideas to use EO data and tools with the aim to attract more people from different backgrounds to generate new projects and promising business plans in the future.

Continuous improvement and more use cases would be expected in the next edition. The next edition of the use cases implemented within FabSpace partners shall be published regularly during the entire lifetime of the project. The FabSpace 2.0 project will continue on the next edition of the use cases with more challenges and categories. The project also welcomes any organizations to be involved in the development of the use cases in order to successfully implement the project findings.

Click here to download the 1st edition of FabSpace Use Case Series. 

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