Get to know in which phase you are in and what your key tasks are.

by Sascha Heising, cesah GmbH, July 2020
Category: Business

In this lesson I will provide a short presentation for a kind of self-assessment, to give you an idea in which start-up phase you are in and on which topics and issues you should work mainly. This course is designed for early stage start-ups in particular, especially when you have just begun to think about your idea.

About the mentor:
Sascha Heising is currently Head of EU projects at cesah the Centre for satellite navigation Hesse, which is also managing the ESA Business Incubation Centre in Hessen and Baden-Württemberg. With a strong background in space downstream applications, Earth Observation in particular, Sascha Heising has years of experience in the space start-up world.

Target-group for the lecture:
Very early and early stage start-ups

Take-away message(s):

  1. Learn which main start-up phases can be diferentiated and what they are all about
  2. Learn in which phase you are probably in right now
  3. Learn on which topics and issues you should work at the stage you are and what is still in front of you

Video Length:
16:43 min.

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