Where to start?

by Lisa Klambeck, cesah GmbH, August 2020
Category: Other

First: What is social media and what can I use it for? Then: How do I create a good strategy?
The strategy is the frame of all your social media activities, the frame in which your content marketing takes place. If it fits well from the beginning on it is much easier to reach your own goals. So, you should invest into the planning of the strategy. It makes it easier for you to know what to do.​ In this lecture we have a closer look at the different aspects of a strategy. 
After having listened, objectives, target group, channels and brand voice will be no foreign words for you anymore. Have fun and adapt your social media strategy to your business model. 

About the mentor:
Lisa Klambeck is the responsible for PR and marketing at cesah - Centre for Satellite Navigation Hesse. She manages cesah’s communication channels, such as the social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), the cesah and ESA BIC websites and a monthly newsletter. All social media channels have been growing organically ever since she started at cesah almost two years ago. Lisa has been supporting various EU projects with her communication skills, especially in the sector of social media. Besides, she’s been helping new space startups boost their online presence. 

Target-group for the lecture:
Early incorporated

Take-away message(s):

  1. It's all about strategy!
  2. Know your business and align your social media activity to it!
  3. Don't leave your fellows alone - and you will see great progress and have a lot of fun!

Self-assessment: What you should have learnt
  • What is most important before starting with your social media activities?
  • Plan your strategy and align it to your business strategy

Video Length:
20:24 min.