These instructions will help you to enrol yourself to the Astropreneurs Mentoring Bootcamp. For your convenience we split the chapter into sections A and B. Section A refers to the Mentoring Bootcamp Live week from 19th to 23rd of October. Section B refers to the current online repository with a lot of content and material provided for you. You can use both parts or either attend the live week or check the online content. In particular, you can be quite picky and take from each offer what fits your needs most.

If you face any question, please let us know and we try to do our best to help you. You can reach us via mail to

(A) Live Week

To take part in the live week you need to register to the event, first. For internal reasons we will require a dedicated subscription, nevertheless the courses are absolutely free of charge. Please note: Your successful enrolment to the Astropreneurs program will not grant you access to the Bootcamp automatically; you have to register again as well. This can be achieved by following this link ( The registration will be open starting (29th, of September 2020) and closing (18th, of October 2020). After your registration you will receive an email confirming your successful registration. In addition to the confirmation mail you will receive a second mail containing all necessary information. Regarding the registration we have to ask for some basic information, which is required to steer the process and to fulfil our reporting requirements towards the European Commission. We will ask you for:

  • Your full name: We have to ask for it to identify you as an individual during the sessions
  • Your email address: This is crucial for us, because all logins and link will be sent to this address
  • If you are already an Astropreneur (Y/N): And if so, your team name. This is necessary for our internal reports
  • Your state of location: Again necessary for reporting towards EU.

That’s it! For your registration it will be not necessary to enrol you to each course individually, we’re handling it all at once.


The live week will have a predefined curriculum, which will help you to identify the most important parts without having to attend all sessions. This curriculum with basic information will be available here (t.b.a.).

Tools required

The email will contain a set of information how to get you started. First thing to do is watch the welcome video linked in the mail. Next thing is to get familiar with the tools which are required for the live week. As a general guideline, there will be two main tools present. First tool is a slack chat which is in the background of all activities. If you don’t know slack, you will find more information here ( We defined a slack workspace already.

When starting slack you need to join the Astropreneurs Mentoring Bootcamp workspace. The corresponding link is included in your confirmation email. The second tool will be zoom. If you are not yet used to it, you can find more about zoom here: We will use both tools as the main backbone of our communication. That means both are mandatory to get in interaction during the live week.

In zoom we will have smaller groups and allow n:m communication but we will also be using 1:n communication. Without these tools it will be impossible to attend the live web-seminar. The good news is that normally none of it requires any admin rights to set them up.

How to start

The Mentoring Bootcamp will begin with a “welcome web-seminar”. The corresponding link will be in your registration confirmation mail. In this web-seminar we will discuss the overall scope of the Mentoring Bootcamp and discuss every session step-by-step. In parallel you can start using the slack channels. Moderators are present to open relevant channels and mentors for various topics are available as well.

Q&A individual slots bookable

The live week will contain several Q&A sessions, which are referring to pre-recorded videos stored in the online repository most of the time. In some cases, these Q&A blocks will start with a shared 15-minute slot. During this slot you can book additional slots with a mentor in a private room organized by the host. It will be first come, first service methodology. On top of that, the mentor might be available for questions handed in via private chat slack in parallel. Mentors will mention this individually. This might make sense especially when you have a very specific question in mind. We will provide detailed information in advance and explain in which session individual slots can be booked and how many are available.

(B) Online Repository

The second part of the Astropreneurs Mentoring Bootcamp is the online repository. It is a freely available website containing pre- and post-recorded sessions of the bootcamp on various topics for space entrepreneurs mainly categorized by: Business, Technology, Finance and Other. Each lesson will have additional content ready to get a better understanding what the lesson will be all about and who has recorded it. Also, some tags are defined to make it easier to search for. Some of the pre-recorded topics will appear in the Live Week as Q&A sessions, which means that there will be an open discussion with the lecturer. For some you can also ask for a private meeting, see section “Q&A individual slots bookable” above.

Please keep in mind that some of the sessions will be recorded during the bootcamp and the complete material will be available a couple of weeks after the bootcamp live week.

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