• Technology transfer

    When bridging two industries can boost innovation in companies

    Technology transfer, market diversification, R&D, innovation

    by Nicolas Louee, InExtensep, September 2020
    Category: Technology, Business

    Technology transfer commonly describes a collaboration where a technology donor is finding an industrial application with a company. The technology can come from a university (usually low to mid technology readiness level) or from an existing company (with sometimes already qualified technologies). This approach opens many perspectives in terms of business development and innovation capabilities with two positive impacts: the donor can leverage on its R&D and find new customers/markets with some adaptation, the receiver can benefits from innovative solutions (sometimes from completely different markets or industries) to tackle its R&D challenge.

    This course is not a general introduction to technology transfer but presents its possible and beneficial applications for the aerospace sector: creating a startup from a space technology, integrating space technology for its R&D projects, integrating non-space technology for its space business. It will give some keys on the path and challenges to have successful collaboration between two different worlds.

    About the mentor:
    Nicolas LOUEE is a senior technology transfer engineer at In Extenso Innovation Croissance, working for more than 6 years in the field of feasibility studies, technology transfer and innovation strategy for numerous startups, SMEs and R&D institutions/universities. He worked for 5 years as the French representative of the European Space Agency Technology transfer programme and ESA SME Office and is now coordinating two European networks whose objective are to find new applications of nuclear fusion technologies and know-hows.

    Target-group for the lecture:
    Very Early Stage to Emerging Start-up

    Technology transfer is a business opportunity that can take place at any stage of a company: creating a startup from an IP of a university or Agency, reuse its know-how to explore new applications, boost its innovation capabilities through the use or integration of technologies developed for a completely different application

    Take-away message(s):

    1. Challenges and benefits of doing technology transfer
    2. Initiatives and programmes to find relevant technologies for my business
    3. Technology donor/technology receiver: the win-win perspective

    Video Length:
    t.b.d. min.


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