• IP Basics Principles

    What I need to know so that my technology and my know-how are an effective barrier to entry


    Johana Macedo Almeida, October 2020
    Category: Other

    Intellectual Property has quickly become a fundamental tool now that intangibles has gained so much weight and value. The Return of Investment in a Company has been affected by the strategy on the protection of the identified intangibles and the chosen tool in order to do that. But in order to do that, first you have to have a basic knowledge about what is a patent, how long could last a trademark or what are the requirements in order to accomplish a trade secret.

    In this session, it will be presented the basics principles of each legal figures in order to the audience could identify the more suitable one for the intangible asset, already identified. It will be explained the concepts, the requirements by law in order to obtain it, the characteristics and its validity.

    About the mentor:
    Johana Macedo Almeida is a lawyer specialized in Intellectual Property by the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, with more than 13 years of experience in the area. She has worked not only in the Copyright area in a Collective Management rights but also in a Trademark Department in a very important Financial Institution in Spain. She has worked in a law firm at the Life Science and Patents Department and now she is working on the Transfer Technology area. She has the capability to know and to identify all the legal figures related to the IP system.

    Target-group for the lecture:
    not selected

    You will find in this class, the fundamental concepts in order to understand the intangible protection and its strategies. Also, other concepts in order to explain where it can be found and related to.

    Take-away messages
    1. Where we can find intangibles and how to protect it?
    2. Basic concepts of the legal figures
    3. How to differentiate them and use it according to the requirements.

    Self assessment

    Q: What is Intellectual Property?
    A: IP refers to the creation of the mind and it is protected by law enabling to earn recognition or financial benefits.



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