• A method for Valuation of Intangible Assets

    Basic concepts and requirements to know if your company's valuation is reasonable


    Loha Hashimy, October 2020
    Category: Business, Finance

    In this session, I will take you through the importance of intangible assets in today’s competitive world and some methods for valuation. We will focus on income based method and I will explain how you can used discounted cash flow method to valuate intangible assets of a company. At the end of the lecture, I will demonstrate a practical example.

    About the mentor:
    Loha Hashimy is an economist who has worked as consultant and project manager in the last five years specializing in valuation of intangible assets. She helps public and private entities in transferring innovative projects and developing of digital transformation strategies.

    Target-group for the lecture:
    Start-up, emerging start-up

    Take-away messages
    1. Intangible assets expenditures are not costs they are investment
    2. There are different method to estimate the value of an intangible asset
    3. Income method is one of the most widely used method of valuation



  • Explore sources of funding for space-related startups and SMEs


    by Aude NZWH NDONG, Aerospace Valley, September 2020
    Category: Finance

    This web-seminar is focusing on the different main funding sources available for innovative SMEs.  It will going to address some European funding (EIC Accelerator, ESA BIC, European investors, …) as well as the good rules and questions to ask before to apply to such programs. This virtual seminar will give an overview, the different programs being more precisely described in other Astropreneurs web seminars.

    About the mentor:
    After a carrier in research, she has worked one year in a start-up and then became the ESA BIC Sud France manager. Dr Aude NZEH NDONG is now the Operating Manager for the Space Sector in Aerospace Valley, she is thus involved in the coordination of the ESA BIC Sud France, the accelerator DISTRICT as well as the different European projects Aerospace Valley is currently managing.

    Target-group for the lecture:
    Early incorporated, Start-up, Emerging Start-up

    Take-away message(s):

    1. Choose the good funding program depending on your needs
    2. Apply well or not apply
    3. Space can be everywhere : stay open to funding not space related

    Video Length:
    t.b.d. min.

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